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Being in good hands - Massage with a difference



Since June 2021, I have changed my massage treatments to be carried out on Hydrotherm mats which are filled with warm water and allow the client to relax for longer lying on their back only, without feeling any pressure on face, shoulder blades or hips. 


The Hydrotherm system eliminates the need of client to turn over to face down position to receive a back massage and clients can receive treatments in a very relaxed position. 

No need for pummelling to get more blood into the muscles as the warmth of the mat stimulates blood flow which makes deep tissue massage possible far quicker than traditional massage.


Natural Elements

 I have made it my mission to look carefully into other natural products that may support health and wellbeing. My first venture in 2015 made me decide, (after careful contemplation and research) to be a skincare consultant and affiliate to Natural Elements for skin and hair care. 

I was amazed how powerful and beneficial plant material can work on our skin (especially for those with skin conditions such as acne, eczema & psoriasis) and wanted to be part of a revolutionary change of thinking what we are using on our skin and hair on a daily basis!

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Qualified Care

I have added to my previous qualifications my diploma for full body Swedish massage and Indian Head Massage with incorporation of relevant acupressure points and teach visualization meditation on a 1-2-1 basis to enhance concentration and relaxation for work and private life and wellbeing. My added specific massage training for cancer patients was with the AMETHYST CANCER TRUST, 

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