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High quality products that I can recommend from genuine retailers that benefit your overall health

Green Juices

Natural Skin and Haircare

In 2015 I discovered an amazing skincare range from Essentially-Yours, who were just the company I was looking for and I can hand on heart vouch for the high quality and authenticity of their products and company ethos::

They are a UK based company that supplies skincare products made from botanical material only, therefore vegan friendly, are not animal tested and are fully safe for the environment.

Another very important factor : in comparison to worldwide big skincare brands who invest in million dollar marketing strategies and use petro-chemicals and other harsh chemicals and sell their products way above production costs , Natural Elements/Therapeutics and Cool Carter products use high quality natural ingredients, no parabens and no harsh chemicals at affordable prices.

The Co-Founder John Hamilton is a Dermatologist and Bio-Gerontologist, who is actively involved in studies at Birmingham University , finding natural ways with help of powerful high quality essential oils of nature to slow down the process of ageing skin and help people successfully combat specific skin problems, that other big brand skincare companies often fail to achieve these outstanding results.

There are 3 main ranges;

Natural Elements

Daily skin and hair care products (anti-ageing, nourishing and with natural sun




Hair and skin products for problem conditions (ie. Acne ,Psoriasis, sensitive skin..etc)


Cool Carter

Men’s hair , beard and body products (men have different needs, why should a healthy hair and skin regime be only for women?)


Herbal Remedies, Food Supplements and Vitamins

A few years ago, I was searching for high quality CBD products for my client and came across Maxine Pye, who is a qualified holistic practitioner but is passionate about supply of really high quality supplements with back up of laboratory results.

She has over the years accrued an impressive range of products that cover most supplements to combat the most common deficits that people of the western world are suffering of today due to either poor diets or environmental stresses or hereditary illnesses. What I liked about her, is her passion for healthcare and integrity to help find and supply best quality supplements, which some big high street stores often fail to supply, but sadly hide behind their big brand names which we have trusted for far too long. My clients have confirmed that the supplements purchased from Superbodymind have made a real difference in their daily life in comparison to their previous brands.

Her website Superbodymind offers not only the products you want, but also gives a huge wealth of information about the use of the products and how to get best results. Please feel free to browse and if you have any queries or would like to discuss any products with me before you may want to buy, I’m happy to assist.

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